Freeze2Trim - 1 Additional Arm/Leg Band

Freeze2Trim - 1 Additional Arm/Leg Band

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Featuring state of the art CryoTech gel packs and our specially designed wraps made from advanced materials to provide the best in-home cryolipolysis system. The TripleZone Wrap is soft but sturdy and tight to maximize results. 

1-Year Warranty and Expedited Shipping.

Each Package contains 3 CryoTec Gel Packs, and 2 TripleZone Wraps for full body coverage. 

The Freeze2Trim Advantage

Freeze2Trim is an advanced cryolipolysis system that has been specially designed to be simple and safe enough to use in the comfort of your own home. Even better, it costs a fraction of what a package of CoolSculpting treatments would run you at your local Medi-Spa and offers a free 90 day risk free trial period to give you enough time to see for yourself.

The Freeze2Trim Advantage

Freeze2Trim is an advanced cryolipolysis system that has been specially designed to be simple and safe enough to use in the comfort of your own home. Even better, it costs a fraction of what a package of CoolSculpting treatments would run you at your local Medi-Spa and offers a free 90 day risk free trial period to give you enough time to see for yourself.

Temperature regulating

 The CryoTec Gel works in unison with our TripleZone wraps to get the treatment area cold enough to selectively injure fat cells but not too cold to cause skin or organ damage. This supports optimal results that don't traumatize your body.

Affordable and Portable

F2T offers the same treatment process that you pay thousands for at the Spa or Clinic, for just hundreds. We have a 90 day risk free trial period and offer financing. Even better, you can administer treatments pretty much wherever you want; the home, office, or car all work!

Support of the “Freezer” movement

 We know that you’re not just buying another product or dream, you are investing in your wellness and happiness when you buy our product. We are as invested in you as you are in us. To help provide the best chance for success and happiness, we have created a community of people (who affectionately refer to themselves as “freezers”) who are all on the same path as you are. We think it's a small thing that actually matters a lot. Alone, we fail. Together, we can succeed!

Product # of Units Dimenisions (inches) Weight (oz) Materials
Torso Band 1 51 x 6.5 7.5 polyester, spandex
Arm/Leg Band 1 28 x 6.5 4.3 polyester, spandex
3 Gel Cold Packs* 3 9.5 x 5.5 46 PVC (outer)
water, glycerin (inside pack)
Measuring Tape 1 60 x 0.5 0.01 plastic
Timer 1 2.5 x 2 1.4 plastic
Packaging 1 11 x 11 x 4 12 cardboard


Yay! Got my order today. Gel packs are in the freezer. Can’t wait to try this out! Today is day #4 of using the wraps. I am already noticing a difference. I will check in periodically.

Renee Y. - Pennsylvania

Its super easy and relaxing. I did it for an hour. Yesterday i did my arms and thighs, today i am doing my tummy. Love this company!

Vicki R., Minnesota

I just started mine today...can’t wait to see how this goes for the next couple of months!Received my package. Upon opening it, I am impressed with its content as the gel packs are high quality, the sleeves well made and sturdy and I also got a timer, tape measurer, instructions and pictures on how to use. Will start tomorrwo after I have the chance to take some before pictures. I wont use the tape as results should show themselves as my use progresses. A+ on product package so far!

Toni G., Nevada

How Can You Do Cryolipolysis at Home with Freeze2Trim?

The term “cryolipolysis” simply refers to killing off fat cells by freezing them. Cryolipolysis at home can be achieved through the use of Freeze2Trim’s dynamic fat freezer machine. Using this fat freezer system, you will be freezing fat cells at home with ice packs.

But, understand that these are not just any ice packs. Regular ice packs not calibrated to the right temperature are often ineffective and can sometimes damage your skin. These are dual targeting, layered gel packs made of high quality, medical grade material. When you use these ice packs to burn fat, they mold to the shape of your body, even though they have been frozen. This is important to get the maximum cooling effect over the area of stubborn fat you’re treating with Freeze2Trim.

However, you should never use these ice packs on fat without the belt for fat freezing. The fat freezing belt has been specially designed to protect your skin and other tissues from the effects of at home cryolipolysis. You see, fat cells are more susceptible to cold than the other cells and tissues in your skin. So there is no need to expose your healthy skin cells and tissues to more cold than is necessary to kill off the underlying fat cells. And with Freeze2Trim, you don’t have to!

Always use all parts of the Freeze2Trim system as directed. Failure to properly use your cryolipolysis equipment at home could result in injury to your healthy skin cells.

But don’t worry, Freeze2Trim is quite easy to use. To perform cryolipolysis at home with Freeze2Trim, just choose the trouble spot you wish to target, slip one of the frozen CryoTech gel packs into the appropriate TripleZone compression wrap and secure it around your torso, arm or leg. The compression wrap ensures that the optimal temperature from the ice pack will be delivered to your trouble spot both safely and comfortably.

Because these ice packs for your belly fat do conform to the shape of your body, and because the compression wrap holds the ice pack securely, yet comfortably in place, you can relax while at home cryolipolysis kills off those stubborn fat cells, providing you with a slimmer, healthier appearance. And, you can achieve this in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Just think what it would feel like to have slimmer thighs and arms, and to reduce those “love handles” and “brassiere rolls.” With Freeze2Trim, not only can you target specific, stubborn fat deposits, but you can also treat two target areas at the same time. For instance, you can use the TripleZone torso band to treat one of your love handles, while at the same time using the arm or leg band to treat your outer thigh. 

Can You Freeze Your Belly Fat with Freeze2Trim?

We all know that belly fat can be one of the most stubborn areas to conquer. No matter how hard you exercise or how carefully you watch your diet, belly fat can still remain, causing an unsightly bulge under your clothing. You may have been tempted to give up. But freezing belly fat with ice packs could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

In fact, cryolipolysis at home with Freeze2Trim is ideal for freezing belly fat. And, it’s so simple to do with Freeze2Trim’s fat freezing system. To freeze belly fat, insert one of the frozen dual targeting, layered gel packs into the torso fat freezing belt. Next, position the ice pack on your belly fat. Then, secure the TripleZone compression wrap around your torso to hold the ice pack in place. The recommended treatment time is 60 minutes. So relax, read a book, watch TV or perhaps work on your tablet while Freeze2Trim is freezing your belly fat away.

For best results, you may wish to freeze your belly fat more than once. This is easy to do with Freeze2Trim as all parts of its system are designed to last. If you choose to freeze this troublesome fat deposit again, make sure that you wait at least 6 to 8 weeks between treatments. This will ensure that the dead fat cells have had time to be cleared out of your body as waste material. Then, when you use Freeze2Trim to freeze belly fat the next time, you will be killing off additional fat cells without the interference of the old, dead fat cells. 

What Are the Benefits of Doing Cryolipolysis in Your Home with Freeze2Trim?

With Freeze2Trim’s robust fat freezing system, performing cryolipolysis in your home has a number of outstanding benefits. 

It’s Affordable

Professional fat freezing can cost as much as $4000, or even more, depending on the number of areas to be treated and the number of total treatments that you need. With Freeze2Trim, you can perform multiple treatments with no additional cost. And, Freeze2Trim comes at a fraction of the cost of professional cryolipolysis.

It’s Private

You can perform cryolipolysis in your own home with Freeze2Trim without having to bare yourself to one or more strangers. Not only that, but when you do cryolipolysis at home, it’s on your schedule, and no one else’s. Imagine the comfort of being able to decide how and when to do your cryolipolysis at home, knowing that with each private treatment you will appear slimmer and healthier.

It’s Simple

Cryolipolysis at home with Freeze2Trim’s fat freezing machine is easy for anyone to do. This fat freezer system comes with everything you need for freezing body fat at all of the typical trouble sites, such as the belly, thighs, arms, love handles and brassiere rolls. The two neoprene and suede compression belts not only hold the ice packs firmly in place, but they comfortably protect your healthy skin cells while allowing for the necessary cooling to kill off fat cells. And the dual targeting, layered gel packs, which you slide into the TripleZone wraps, conform to your trouble spots, even when frozen. What could be simpler?

It’s Reusable

Unlike most other at home cryolipolysis systems, the Freeze2Trim fat freezer system comes with two TripleZone wraps to allow you to freeze away the stubborn fat over more than one trouble spot at a time. With one neoprene and suede wrap for your torso and one for your arm or leg, you could treat your belly fat and your arm fat during the same 60 minute session. Or, perhaps you would want to treat your thigh and one of your brassiere rolls. Think of the time you’ll save! And, every time you’re able to use Freeze2Trim to target two trouble spots at once, you’ll get closer and closer to your goals. You’ll look slimmer and healthier; and, your body image will soar!

It’s Highly Durable

All parts of your Freeze2Trim fat freezing system are made from high quality, medical grade materials and are, therefore, made to last a lifetime. And they are designed to be comfortable to wear as well. The neoprene and suede compression wraps tightly secure the CryoTech gel packs over your stubborn fatty deposits while gently and comfortably protecting your healthy skin cells. The high quality materials that your Freeze2Trim home cryolipolysis system is made of ensure this while, at the same time, providing the necessary cooling to kill the underlying fat cells.

It’s Noninvasive

Cryolipolysis at home with Freeze2Trim is a noninvasive alternative to liposuction and other such invasive procedures. With cryolipolysis, there’s no surgery, no incision, no need for anesthesia, and no needles. And, there’s no downtime. You can get right back to doing what you normally do once your fat freezing session has been completed. Best of all, with Freeze2Trim you get all the benefits of cryolipolysis in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

It’s Safe

Fat cells are more susceptible to cold temperatures than healthy skin cells and other surrounding tissues. Therefore, it is possible to bring those stubborn areas of fat to a temperature low enough to “freeze” them while still protecting the surrounding skin and other tissues. Freeze2Trim does just this. It’s specially designed TripleZone compression belts keep the frozen CryoTech gel packs in place over your target area while comfortably protecting your healthy skin cells from the cold. At the same time, the compression wrap holds the gel pack securely to your body to provide the optimal temperature for killing fat cells.

It’s Effective

Freeze2Trim’s potent system for freezing your fat away really works! Cryolipolysis has been shown over multiple studies to be a highly effective method for slimming stubborn fat deposits. And Freeze2Trim brings this amazing science right into your home! One such study, published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that the “average reduction by caliper measurement ranged from 14.67 percent to 28.5 percent.” Imagine what you can do with more than one treatment!

It Offers Quick Results

In as little as three weeks, you could be looking at a slimmer, trimmer body with Freeze2Trim’s incredible fat freezing machine. Then, over the next few months, you will continue to see even more results as your body flushes out the fat cells that you killed with this amazing fat freezing system.

It Provides Long-Lasting Results

Best of all, these results will last! Once you’ve killed off the fat cells with Freeze2Trim’s at home cryolipolysis equipment, those fat cells are gone forever. This has been shown to be true in a long-term study where two men underwent fat freezing on just one of their love handles each. They each had a 60 minute treatment and after two years, one man had gained 10 pounds; and, after five years, the other had lost 10 pounds. After all that time, it was found that the results achieved to each of their love handles were permanent, notwithstanding their losing or gaining weight! Still, it is recommended that you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after you’ve trimmed down with this dynamic system.

How To Freeze Body Fat

Freeze2Trim’s powerful fat freezing machine makes fat freezing at home simple, affordable and private. With its two neoprene and suede compression wraps and three dual targeting, layered gel packs, freezing body fat couldn’t be easier. Find out more about how to use a fat freezer machine here.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why Freeze2Trim is the natural choice to trim down those areas of stubborn fat that have held you back, keeping you out of that bikini or your favorite pair of dress slacks. Now you can look slimmer and feel more confident every day. All it takes is the Freeze2Trim at home cryolipolysis system and 60 minutes to look better and feel better in as little as three weeks! What are you waiting for?