Featuring state of the art CryoTech gel packs and our specially designed wraps made from advanced materials to provide the best in-home cryolipolysis system. The TripleZone Wrap is soft but sturdy and tight to maximize results.
Each Package contains 6 CryoTec Gel Packs, and 3 TripleZone Wraps for full body coverage.

The Freeze2Trim Advantage

Freeze2Trim is an advanced cryolipolysis system that has been specially designed to be simple and safe enough to use in the comfort of your own home. Even better, it costs a fraction of what a package of CoolSculpting treatments would run you at your local Medi-Spa and offers a free 90 day risk free trial period to give you enough time to see for yourself

Temperature regulating -- the CryoTec Gel works in unison with our TripleZone wraps to get the treatment area cold enough to selectively injure fat cells but not too cold to cause skin or organ damage. This supports optimal results that don't traumatize your

Affordable and Portable - F2T offers the same treatment process that you pay thousands for at the Spa or Clinic, for just hundreds. We have a 90 day risk free trial period and offer financing. Even better, you can administer treatments pretty much wherever you want; the home, office, or car all work!

Support of the “Freezer” movement - We know that you’re not just buying another product or dream, you are investing in your wellness and happiness when you buy our product. We are as invested in you as you are in us. To help provide the best chance for success and happiness, we have created a community of people (who affectionately refer to themselves as “freezers”) who are all on the same path as you are. We think it's a small thing that actually matters a lot. Alone, we fail. Together, we can succeed!

A cause that impacts everybody - We donate a portion or our proceeds to help fund research and charity work for the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Why? Because we know that this isn’t just about running a business, its about making an impact and changing lives for the better. We think giving back helps signify that.