How Does It Work?

How come people who live in places with snow are not thin if we say freezing fat cells work?
Why do I need to pay for your Freeze2Trim product? Why can't I just use ice packs or a bag of frozen peas, wrap them in towel and place it on my tummy?
Does this work the same way as that expensive Cool Sculpting procedure I see advertised everywhere?

Product / Pricing

What's included in the VIP - Platinum Package and the VIP - Platinum Package SPECIAL?
What's included in the Gold Package and the Gold Package SPECIAL?
What's included in the Silver Package and the Silver Package SPECIAL?
What are the measurements of the products?
What is the purpose of Eye Mask?
Can Freeze2Trim be used on the chin? Which product should I use?
Do you recommend exercising before or after using F2T? if after, how long after?
How do you reset the Stop Watch to 00:00?
Is there some type of medicine in our gel packs?
Can you please tell me what the liquid in the gel pack contains?
Is the eye gel mask supposed to be frozen like the other ice packs? How long should it be frozen for and how long should it be left on the eye?
Does it just tone or can you lose significant amount of weight?

Medical / Technology

Cool Sculpting is a procedure administered by a professional. How can someone can do this for themselves in the comfort of their home?
Does the Freeze 2 Trim work on a 65 year old with stubborn belly fat?
Is it is a permanent solution?
What is the most a person can weigh and you can still have this done ?
How many fat cells does this destroy in areas? Is it compared to the cryoslimming/toning process?
Will this work on fatty tumors or lipomas?
Does using the system cause pain?
Hi! I've got quite a bit of weight to lose, mostly belly. Is this appropriate for that or more for people closer to target weight? I suffer from chronic conditions making exercise hard, especially in colder weather.
I was told by coolsculpting person that I didn't qualify due to too much muscle at consultation. As I have flabby stomach would this be good for me?
Can a person with non Hodgkins Lymphoma use this?
I have gained a lot of weight over about 1 year due to stress and not taking care of myself. I have also developed (not do to weight gain) a severe neck/back problem from degenerative discs. I ended up in the hospital with severe pain, decided to have the surgery, was under anesthesia and the surgeon had to stop the procedure. He couldn't see my spine clear enough (done through and X-ray) to see where he would make the repair. I was devastated. I now need to loose weight to have the surgery. I tend to carry my weight in the upper body, chin, neck, breasts. Will the Coolscupt work in these area. Upper back, under my chin and what women call the third boob under the arm pits???? Help me if you can.
Does it get rid of cellulite?
Why do you use skinny/slender/thin people your advertising when Your product is for plus size/fat people?
Let me know from someone who has had results / F2T should have a support group to help one another
Do you have a affiliate program?