Wanted to share that I am really starting to see results with my own eyes, especially in my arms, they look and feel slimmer. I can’t wait to update my results soon! I am loving this!!!

Christine S. South Carolina

Got my kit yesterday and started freezing this morning. I will post my measurements tonight when I get home and then again in 4 weeks. Im super exited and its so easy to do!

Syndi P. Texas

Its super easy and relaxing. I did it for an hour. Yesterday i did my arms and thighs, today i am doing my tummy. Love this company!

Vicki R., Minnesota 

Received my package. Upon opening it, I am impressed with its content as the gel packs are high quality, the sleeves well made and sturdy and I also got a timer, tape measurer, instructions and pictures on how to use. Will start tomorrwo after I have the chance to take some before pictures. I wont use the tape as results should show themselves as my use progresses. A+ on product package so far!

Dominique K. - Wisconsin 

Yay! Got my order today. Gel packs are in the freezer. Can’t wait to try this out!
Today is day #4 of using the wraps. I am already noticing a difference. I will check in periodically. 

Renee Y. - Pennsylvania

I started freezing one week ago today. Along with freezing I have been changing up my diet as well. (Two days ago was diagnosed with the flu….still freezing though). My measurements have changed. I will update my beginning measures and ending on a month to month (I will check them each week though). This only helps me continue freezing and helping myself along the way! I am super excited now since there has been some change! Happy freezing!!

Dawn S, California

I have been freezing for a week now and I can tell a difference already. Have not taken my new measurements yet I want to wait for at least two weeks. Massaging after totally makes a difference. Please dont forget to do that.

Melissa B., Tennesee

I just started mine today...can’t wait to see how this goes for the next couple of months!

Toni G., Nevada