About Us

At Freeze2Trim, we pride ourselves in providing a top-notch customer experience. We strive to fulfill our mission to provide lasting-value and becoming better at serving you as our customer every day. 

Freeze2Trim was founded because we were fed up with two things. First, we were tired of hearing about shady clinics charging people thousands for a procedure that costs only hundreds and can be done at home. Second, we were tired of seeing fly by night companies that push low quality products and take advantage of their customers. To help accomplish this, we wanted to create a support movement to help everybody who has joined our community get the support and feedback they need to attain and maintain success on their wellness journey.  

We are excited to have you on this revolutionary journey to help boost your confidence and wellness using our exciting, new breakthrough technology!

Feel free to reach out with any suggestions or comments to help us do better! Don't forget to follow up on social media and help spread the word! Happy Freezing!!