Does Freezing Your Fat Work?

Does Freezing Your Fat Work? 

Do you have stubborn areas of fat on your belly or thighs? Do you have “love handles” or a “brassiere role?” Have these unsightly bulges resisted all of your attempts at diet and exercise? If so, you may have thought to freeze fat off these areas. But does fat freezing work? A number of studies on the subject have shown that freezing body fat does, in fact, reduce these unshapely areas. And, following this science, Freeze2Trim’s proven system will freeze your fat away. Just check out these fat freezing reviews.

How Does Freezing Your Fat Work? 

Actually, you don’t literally “freeze” your fat. So how does fat freezing work? Fat cells are much more susceptible to cold temperatures than the surrounding cells and structures. In order to freeze your fat away, you really just need to get it cold enough to kill the fat cells. This is important not only to freeze fat off, but also to protect healthy skin cells and other tissues.

So, for instance, if you want to freeze belly fat, you would subject the excess fat cells over your belly to temperatures low enough to kill them for a period of about 60 minutes. Once the fat cells have been killed, they become bodily waste and are discharged from your system over time.

But, does fat freezing work right away? The answer is no. While you may see results as quickly as three weeks, it may take several months to see the full impact of the treatments. This is because when you freeze your fat away, it takes time for the body to flush it out completely.

Now you know how fat freezing works; but, is freezing fat effective? A study by several doctors, published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, reviewing available published studies on fat freezing through February 2015, discovered that the average loss of fatty “tissue was 19.55% with respect to a designated control site.” A similar study published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in May 2015 found that the “average reduction in caliper measurement ranged from 14.67 percent to 28.5 percent.” And finally, a study in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery found a “fat layer reduction of 20.4% at 2 months and 25.5% at 6 months after treatment.”

So, does fat freezing really work? The above studies show that, clearly, fat freezing does work; and, it works quite effectively. 

Can You Freeze Your Fat Off At Home?

But, does fat freezing work at home? The answer is yes, if you are a proper candidate for fat freezing. Whether fat freezing works well for you will be determined by your health at the time you undertake fat freezing. Unfortunately, fat freezing is not effective for those who are quite overweight or obese. As you can tell from the above scientific studies, it will not remove large amounts of fat like more invasive procedures, such as liposuction.

It is, however, effective for those people who are in pretty good physical condition, but, despite dieting and exercise, still have areas of stubborn fat. This stubborn fat most often collects on the tummy, thighs, upper arms, in the “love handles” and those rolls on the sides of your back, often called “brassiere rolls.” Freeze2Trim’s fat freezing system has everything you need to target these stubborn areas of fat so you can easily and privately freeze your fat off at home.

So, how does freezing your fat work at home? With Freeze2Trim, you will get two neoprene and suede TripleZone compression wraps, one for your torso, which includes your belly, and one for your arms or legs. These compression wraps will hold the dual targeting layered CryoTech gel packs that also come with this advanced fat freezing system. If you want to freeze belly fat, for instance, you would simply insert one of the frozen dual targeting CryoTech gel packs into the TripleZone compression wrap for your torso and position it over your belly. Secure the wrap; and, relax for 60 minutes while you effortlessly freeze your fat away. 

Do Fat Freezers Work?

There are many home fat freezing devices on the market today. In fact, there are even some DIY solutions on the Internet touting the use of basic ice packs to freeze your fat off. However, this practice is really quite dangerous.

NEVER put ice, ice packs, or frozen cold packs of any type directly on your skin. You could seriously damage it. You should always have an appropriate barrier between the cold source and your skin. This barrier should be specifically designed to allow the cooling of your fat cells without harming your healthy skin cells. The TripleZone compression wraps described above are just such an appropriate barrier.

So, do fat freezing methods work? Obviously, you don’t want to do the DIY method. And, we know from the above - referenced studies that professional fat freezing not only works, but is also effective. But, professional fat freezing can cost thousands of dollars to obtain your desired results.

With most home fat freezers being touted for 2020, you will get a bulky, unyielding machine that you position over your trouble spots in an attempt to apply enough cold to freeze your fat. However, these machines don’t conform to your body, often have a small coverage area, and necessitate repositioning a number of times to cover an entire trouble spot. Plus, since they don’t conform to your body, they can slip, resulting in inconsistent cooling over your fatty deposits. Further, these and many of the other available systems don’t let you treat more than one area of your body at a time.

The Freeze2Trim fat freezing method freezes your fat away by securely holding the CryoTech gel packs against your target treatment area for the recommended 60 minute treatment time. The TripleZone compression wraps help the frozen gel packs conform to your body; and, they hold firmly, yet comfortably, to accomplish this. And even better, you can target more than one trouble spot at a time. For instance, you can freeze belly fat and that stubborn fat on the outside of your thigh at the same time.

For optimal results, you may want to do more than one treatment on a stubborn fat deposit. Just make sure you wait at least 6 to 8 weeks before doing so to give your body time to flush out the fat cells you killed in the first treatment. You want to make sure you’re targeting remaining fat cells the second time. Freeze2Trim gives you everything you need to accomplish this in the privacy and comfort of your own home.